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WOD – Tue, May 28


Today we will go the absolute opposite of Murph and get after a good old fashioned heavy day! The goal is to hit a movement pattern we didn’t hit yesterday and see what we have in the tank for a big deadlift day! Today’s outcome should be that you moved the heaviest weight you could each set. We want big numbers of total volume! If I do 2 reps at 300lb, then my core for that set is 600lb. I’ll take that number and add it to my other 6 working sets for 1 big total at the end!!

Warm Up (Checkmark)

:30 bike or row / :30 rest x 8 rounds

***build speed as you go!


10 walking lunge

10 light on swing

5 squat jump

3 rounds

Build intensity of swings and jumps each round!! Think speed through hips!

Deadlift (7 Rounds for reps)




Rest 3:00 between sets!

Cool Down (3 Rounds for reps)

3x 1:00 max reps sit ups

1:00 rest between each set.