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Letrono, the Greek word for Redemption, is the motto of our gym, our trainers, and our athletes. We see our fitness, and in essence CrossFit itself, as our Redemption; whether it be redemption from our pasts, from our failures, from our shortcomings, from our enemies, from our friends, or even from our own self and soul. We, as the founders, owners and coaches at Letrono have a unified purpose, and that is to act as a constant, steady guide to our athletes as they pave the way towards their own personal redemption as it applies to their fitness. Our coaches are top-notch, having decades of combined experience and expertise, training and tenacity. We love those whom we coach and teach, and in the end, it is us that learn far more from them than they may ever possibly learn from us. That is what Letrono, or “Redemption”, is all about.

“I'm a newbie and everyone has been super welcoming and helpful. The trainers are great and make sure you are doing things correctly while being super encouraging. I love it!”

Erin Nick ClarkNew Athlete

We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your goals


Our programming is leading-edge, always evolving and never stagnant or mediocre.


From a young age, a strong foundation of fitness and health that will carry over into their adulthood, to their friends, and eventually to their own families.


We also specialize in providing additional endurance-specific training to those athletes that pursue distance or endurance sports, ranging from a 5k to an Ironman, 100-mile bike races to open-water swimming.


Mobility vastly improves strength and speed, as well as all the other aspects of fitness.

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If you are new to CrossFit, we require all new members to complete 4 Foundations classes. The Foundations classes are designed to be an introductory Crossfit 101course which will go over in detail the fundamentals of Crossfit in a small class setting. The only exception to not have to complete this course is if someone has previous Crossfit experience.

The Foundations classes are Monday through Thursday at 7:15pm. Each athlete must complete 4 Foundation classes.

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Access to facility 7 days a week, basic group classes and open gym.



Access to facility 7 days a week, basic group classes and open gym.



Monday - Sunday



Individual students and teachers.



65 and older.



10 visits - Good for 1 year


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Enough talk, let's start your fitness redemption.