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WOD – Mon, Sep 18


Big conditioning day! This is a 1 minute rotation similar to fight gone bad. The goal is to not “gamify” this workout too much, focus on getting as much work as you can each minute regardless of the volume of “reps” it may reward you. A simple way to maximize your score would be to crush the double unders each round and go slower on other movements, but this is not the way we “train” to improve. That may be a good competing strategy, but if you hope to improve, take each minute as deep as you can!

You should select loads for the snatch that allow for touch and go sets to begin, don’t take them too far, drop the bar often but you should have to be forced into singles.

Warm Up (Checkmark)

2:00 Jump Rope (any style)


6 minute Flow of:

5 Wall Squat

5 Kipping Swing

3 Hip down push up

3 push up

3 Burpee

5 Muscle Snatch (empty barbell)


As a group with coach leading:

2 Snatch Grip deadlift

2 Snatch pull

2 Power snatch

2 sets with empty barbell.

*Coach use this time to watch everyone move, correct, cue and help them build to their workout weight.

Accumulation (AMRAP – Reps)

RX Conditioning:

1:00 Power Snatch (95/65lb.)

1:00 Double under

1:00 lateral bar over burpee

1:00 toes to bar

1:00 bike (cals)

1:00 rest

3 rounds max reps


1:00 Power Snatch (75/55lb.)

1:00 Single Under

1:00 lateral bar over burpee

1:00 Hanging Leg Raise

1:00 bike (cals)

1:00 rest

3 rounds max reps


1:00 Hang Muscle Snatch (45/35lb.)

1:00 Plate Hop

1:00 Burpee with no jump

1:00 V Up

1:00 bike (cals)

1:00 rest

3 rounds max reps

Cool Down

3:00 easy bike or row or ski


1:00 Pigeon stretch each side