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WOD – Wed, Apr 17
Paint Night with Coach Bailey. Friday April 19th, 630-830pm. All proceeds will go to support Jamie V and her fight against Breast Cancer. $35. Sign up on the board and reserve your spot. All are welcome, bring a friend or neighbor and a treat/snack to share.


“Flow or go” Today we will have an aerobic based workout that will act as minimal physical destruction a lot like we did on Thursdays through the Open. Go hard or treat it as a flow workout in prep for the quarterfinal workouts that will begin being programmed tomorrow.

Warm Up (Checkmark)

400m Run


1:00 pigeon each leg

1:00 samson stretch each leg

:30 supinated dead hang

:30 pec stretch each arm


5 Air squat

5 push up

5 Banded bent row

5 Banded strict press

3 rounds for quality

Go or Flow (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


10 Shuttle Run (25ft. Out and back = 1)

20 Cal Row

15 Cal Bike

75 Double Under

30:00 AMRAP

Same for intermediate and baseline.

Cool Down (Checkmark)

3 x max effort Ring support (-:02)

Drop down just before you think you need to.

Rest as needed between sets.