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WOD – Mon, Feb 26


Today we are getting some touches on heavy barbell cycling before we get tested this Friday with WHO KNOWS WHAT!? We have no idea what awaits the workouts released in the Open but that is what equally makes it exciting. This is our chance to see how our training has developed and prepared us over the last several months. For the squat cleans we are working on cycling a moderate to heavy load prior to the conditioning. But along with strength, we are using this time as a hybrid chance to throw in some kipping or pull up skills prior to the workout so we can be getting in as much practice as possible.

Warm up (Checkmark)

1:00 Banded front rack stretch (

*You can also stand on the band, not attach it to the rig*

1:00 Banded lat stretch


:30 Jump rope version of your choice

10 Plank shoulder tap

3 Inch worm

6 step Back Lunge

3 rounds


5 Deadlifts (barbell)

5 Muscle Clean

5 Front Squat

5 Squat Clean

2 rounds


3 Thruster (empty barbell)

3 Kipping Swing

3 Pull up

10 Double Under

3 rounds for quality

Squat Clean (Squat Clean
Every 3:00 x 5 sets execute 3 touch and go squat cleans
*Goal today is to start at a moderate load and build to a heavy set of 3 unbroken touch and go squat cleans.
**Feel free to spend extra time practicing the rhythm of kipping, or but)
The good stuff (Time)

“The good stuff”


9 Thruster (115/80lb.)

15 Pull Up

21 Double Under

4 rounds for time.

12:00 Time cap

8:00 and below goal time.


9 Thruster (75/55lb.)

15 Pull Up (Banded)

21 Double Under or 21 lateral bar hop over

4 rounds for time.


9 Thruster (45/35lb.)

15 Ring Row

21 Single unders or plate step ups (low)

4 rounds for time.

Cool Down (Weight)

3×10 Dumbbell cuban press

(if these aggravate your shoulders but don’t create new pain, then they could be a solution to your limitations.)