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WOD – Tue, Sep 12


Bench mark style workout today. Like a strength day, this workout may not get many people excited, this is exactly why it exists. When we give more time to refine or build a skill, we improve it. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever get a RMU it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay relentlessly on the journey to achieve it. Today if you have RMU, go get it, if you don’t, may the oddds be ever in your favor to archive one!

Warm Up (Checkmark)

2:00 Ski or Row


10 Banded shoulder pass through

:10 Hang from Rig or Rings

10 Plank shoulder tap (5 each side)

10 Hollow Rock

2 rounds


Seal Breaker (Distance)

Seal Breaker:

:30 seconds or row or ski

:30 Rest

X 8

**a chance to get a bit out of breath today and get a sweat going prior to skills and WOD.

Skills/ Practice (Checkmark)


15:00 of ring muscle up skills and drills.

  • Ring support
  • Ring Dip
  • Low ring kneeling transition work
  • Low ring; ring row muscle up work
  • Ring swing (Superman/ Hollow)
  • Jumping ring muscle up
  • Ring muscle up singles
  • Ring muscle up linking reps together
30 Ring muscle ups for time (Time)

30 Ring muscle up for time.

Scaling today is tricky, but it is the way to improvement. Find a scale either reducing volume of the RX’d movement, subbing strength movements like ring pull ups and ring dips (or similar) or scaling the “skill” component so it can be improved like jumping RMU or low kneeling or ring row muscle up. The trick is to be sure the work will take approximately 10:00 or below.

More Core (Time)

50 Evil Wheels for time/ focused equally on quality.