Dynamic Warm Up- Mobility Prepare for…

The workout below symbolizes the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001, in its design.  The date and year are represented by the row (i.e. 2001 meters) and the 9 movements, each including 11 repetitions. The 125-pound Thrusters represent the deaths that occurred at the Pentagon; the 175-pound Power Clean stands for AA Flight 175 that collided with the South Tower; Flight 77 and Flight 93 were combined and are represented in the 170-pound Deadlift; and the 110-pound Push Jerk signifies the number floors in each of the Twin Towers.

Join us in this WOD together we will sweat and pay a small tribute to those whose lives were lost that day. Never Forget- 9/11

A. WOD:  9/11 Tribute WOD
For Time Teams of 2 complete:
2001m Row or 2001m Run (1.25 miles)
11 Box Jumps (30″ / 24″)
11 Thrusters (125# / 85#)
11 Burpee Chest to Bar Pull-ups
11 Power Cleans (170# / 120#)
11 HSPUs
11 KB Swings (2 pood / 1.5 pood)
11 Toes to Bar
11 Deadlifts (170# / 120#)
11 Push Jerks (110# / 75#)
2001m Row  or 2001m Run (1.25 miles)

 ******If athletes begin the WOD with a Row, they finish with a Run and vice versa.

B. Cool Down:
 5-15 mins by casually walking, jogging, biking or rowing, then stretch.
Straddle Stretch Hold 1-2 mins.
Chest & Pec Stretch (hands behind) Hold 1-2 mins.





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