Back to the Basic’s Nutrition Challenge – Start date is September 17th to December 10th. More info to be shared at the kick off meeting Monday September 10th at 8pm. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

Test: 1:00 Hand Release Pushups

2 minutes continuous movement of:
2x Snatch grip Hang pull
2x Hang pwr snatch
2x Snatch balance
2x Hang snatch

A: Strength- Snatch 12 min E2MOM
Find today’s heavy 1 RM Snatch maintaining form.

Power Snatch 75/55
5 Burpees
Toes to Bar

Descending reps(10,9,8,etc.)each round on PS & T2B. 5 Burpees in between movements.

5-7 minutes-Team Cool down.3-5 sets x10 Windshield  wipers + 10 Knees to Elbows, every 20 stop. Do 1 Mobility hold coaches choice for 30-20 sec each body part till finished with 5 sets.


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