Happy 4th of July! WOD times today at 7a and 9a “MERICA”

Deadlifts,                275/195
KBS                        Red/Green
OHS                       115/85
Chest to bar
Box jump                24/20
DB Squat cleans   45/30

A:WOD: “Lumberjack 20″ 40 minute AMRAP of:  (Modified for July 4 and fun)
In Teams of 3.
40 Deadlifts,                275/195
40 KBS                        Red/Green
40 OHS                       115/85
40 Burpees
40 Chest to bar
40 Box jump                24/20
40 DB Squat cleans   45/30

*Run 400m after each movement (7 total), the team needs to stay together on the run. Scale all weights and movements as needed
**Break up reps as desired. No requirement for resting partners.


Team Cool down Cash Out: (6-8 minutes)
Tuck balance 2 x 20/20 tuck knees to chest, arms out point toes and hands
1 rds of:

30 sec Hollow Hold
30 sec  Static stretch

30 sec Arch Hold
30 sec  Static stretch

30 sec Tuck ups
30 sec  Static stretch

30 sec  Russian twists
30 sec  Static stretch

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