Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..  

2 Rounds of: (12 Minutes of work. 8 mins of recovery = 20 minutes total)
2 Minutes to Row 20/17 Cal. Max rep Push press 115/85 95/65 75/45
2 Minutes rest
2 Minutes to AAB 15/12 Cal Max rep Power cleans 115/85
2 Minutes rest
2 Minutes to Ski Erg 11/9 Cal Max rep Squat cleans 115/85
* Score is total Max Reps of:
Push Press
Power Cleans
Squat Cleans

* Stimulus Goal is Max effort in 2 Mins, to be done with Row, Bike, Erg.  NO longer than 55-65 seconds.

Bar cycling on all lifts 2-5 reps, avoid dump n go, defeats the time under tension growth…. Stay light do it right!

5-7 minute. Cool down Mobility holds or row, bike

6:15pm – Olympic Lifting



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