WODIFY – Download the WODIFY app, starting in January, all athletes will need to “ENROLL” into the class they are attending. Super easy with the app or done at one of the kiosk stations we will have set up at the Box.
Many of you have received an email from Wodify asking you to sign a waiver, please do so. Once we get membership plans transferred over you will be asked to resign a membership contract. We appreciate your patience while we make this transition. IF you have not received an email, let SARA know so we can get you set up in the system with a correct email. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. WOD:  


8/6 cal bike


Rest 1 min



8/6 cal row

8 pull up

Rest 1



8/6 cal ski

8 T2B

**Competitors: Red line day. Just go. See if/how/when stamina and technique start to break down.


B. Above and Beyond:

B alternate for 3-4 sets

B1 single arm overhead lift of your choice. 8-10 reps. Should feel rehabilitating.

Some suggestions: z press, bottoms up press, etc.

B2 20 reps pistol switches or pistols

C alternate for 3-4 sets

C1 top down alternating DB bench, 6-8 each side

C 2 goblet Cossack squat, 6-8 each side

D Bike/row/ski easy 10 min.

20 min mobility

Mobility: anterior hip/psoas, abdomen 20 min total.

Olympic Lifting – 615P
The Clean

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