Dynamic Warm Up- Mobility Prepare for:

A. Strength:
20 Minute E4MOM ( 5 sets of 4 )
5×4 Front Squat 60-70-75-80-80% of RM

5×3 Tempo Deadlift 40-50-50-55-55% of RM ( Be smart be safe)
Tempo- 5252

Eccentric (descent): 5 secs
Pause (bottom): 2 secs
Concentric (ascend): 5 secs
Pause (top): 2 secs

B. WOD: Whip Creammm   (12 minutes)
3x 1 Minute “ME” Ski Erg for Cals
Rest 3 Minutes between  “ME”

*Score is total Cals of 3 amraps. 

Accessory Work
GHD Sit ups for Quality  3×5
5×10 Heavy DB Bench press

Cool down:
Bike,walk or row 3-7 mim
Mobility static holds
Glute Stretch Hold 1-2 mins per side
Foam roll, 


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