January Goal Board Winner is…….LINDSEY G! The February goal board is up and ready for new goals to be listed. List one, two or three goals and for everyone you achieve you will be entered into a drawing for a Rogue Gift Card at the end of the month. 

Dynamic Warm Up – Mobility Prepare for..

A: Strength
20 minutes to Build to a heavy 1 rep Snatch

20 Minute E2MOM of:
Even: 10 OHS Alt 75/55 barbell.  Scaled 55/35, 35/15.
Odd:  10 Power Snatches 75/55 barbell.  Scaled 55/35, 35/15.

Stimulus;  Pick a weight that gives you at least 20 sec of rest each round.  Should be unbroken

Cool Down 5 min
3-5 minute Smooth Bike/Row. Foam roll legs,hips,back shoulder blades to Lats


Find heaviest stone to shoulder


EMOM for 15 Mins
5 x Pull Ups
3 x HSPUs
1 x Stone To Shoulder @ BW


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