Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

A.Strength: 18 Minute E3MOM (In teams of 2-3 )
5x Bench Press climb to today’s heavy 5 rep + 4 Strict T2Bar

2rds of   
2 Rds
2x Deadlift / Progression
2x HSPU or Progression

B: WOD  
12 Min AMRAP of:
5x Deadlift 245/165    
200m Run

*Scale DL 225/155 185//135 155/105  HSPU Progression
Row 250m or AAB 11/8 Cals  

Team Cool down 70-100 Wall Ball situp passes 14-6# every 10, stope and do 1 30 sec Mobility static holds.


Find max reps in belt squat w/ 106/88lb KB


7 rounds of:
Belt squat x10 88/70lb KB

Run 200M

Windmills x5ea Gr/Bl KB (3sec down 3sec up)

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