Here’s some nutrition tips from our friends at Spoonful of Macros:
As you enter this July Hero Month, it is no question that these workouts are more intense, longer, and more grueling. The key is that as you participate in these workouts, especially in July, it is vital that you are aware of your hydration levels, and eating an extra 300-500 extra calories.
In CrossFit, we do “metcons”, known as “metabolic conditioning”. “Metabolic” is our metabolism and “conditioning” is the cardiovascular aspect. So really, when you show up for your next WOD class, you are testing what you ate the last few meals. How do you know if you ate enough? Too much fat? Not enough carbs? Too much protein? It is the balance between the three major macronutrients of protein, carbs, and fat. 
In most cases, athlete’s find they are eating not enough! Spoonful of Macros is ran by Coach Brandon & Elyse and with their background, experience, and knowledge, they can help educate and provide long term, permanent results to optimize your health and performance. They consult on a personal basis not only on just macros alone; but body fat, muscle quality, micronutrients, and ensure each athlete is successful in the program. If you’re interested, please visit or speak to Brandon or Elyse.
Stay safe, well-fed, well-hydrated, and have fun!

HERO WOD Logging Board – You will need to log all of your WOD’s completed this month on the South/West corner of the gym. IF you completed the HERO WOD from Sunday, be sure to add it to the board. 

Strongman will resume in August

Test- 1 minute Seated Shoulder press 45/33

2 minute BB Complex of: 45/33 33/15 15/PVC
2x DL
2x Hang Squat Clean ( squeeze lats keep bar close to body, speed pulling under bar)
2x Push Press
2x Snatch Balance (Pause in the hole)

A. Strength- Skill 2 x 10 Min E2MOM
10 minutes to find 1RM Clean
10 min to find 1RM Snatch balance ( Hold pause in the hole build stability and strength)

In honor of Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member who was killed in the line of duty February 6, 2008.
The “Randy” Hero WOD was first posted on as the workout of the day for Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A.WOD: Randy ( 14 min cap)
75 Power Snatches for time: 75/55, 65/ 45, 55/35

Team Cool down 3-5 sets x 10 Windshield wipers + 10 Knees to Elbows, every 20 stop and do 1 mobility hold

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