Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

Test – 1 minute Seated Shoulder press 45/33 ( Partner up same BB for 1st set of A.)

A. Strength-Skill  10 minutes (For Quality of movement..)
2-3 Sets. 4x KB Windmills each side Left -Right (Climb in lbs with mechanics)
P2 2-3 Sets. 1x TGU each side. Use Fat bars 18lbs or 45/33/15 BB.Climb in lbs with mechanics


2rds of
1x 5 bunny hop into 15m run
4x KB swings  
4x Burpee + 1x Push up + 1x Pullup


3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run or 500m Row, .7 mile AAB  
15x KB swings Red/Grn Grn/Blu  * Stimulus is Heavy Russian swing “UB”
9x Burpee + 1x Push up + 1x Pullup
(Basically it’s a burpee pull up with a 1x extra push up in the burpee before jumping up into the pullup)

5-7 minutes-Team Cool down.5×10 Windshield wipers + 10 Knees to Elbows, every 20 stop. Do 1  Mobility hold coaches choice for 30-20 sec each body part till finished with 5 sets.

Find heaviest seated sled pull 50M


Seated sled pull x25M (use same weight)
Box jumps x5 (44/36)
Depth jump to 25M sprint (44/36)

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