Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..  

A. Strength – Skill:

Strength-skill warm up 2rds of  45/33 33/15 15/PVC
Then 2nd round Add 105/73 95/63 85/55 75/45 (Or Heavier)

2 x DL
2 x Hang squat clean  ( Speed pulling under- Pause hold in the hole)
2 x Push Jerk

(15 mins)
6 Min EMOM of:
9x Thrusters 95/63 85/55 75/45
7x Box Jumps 24/20 20/12
5x KB Swings Red/Grn Grn/Blu Purp/Yel Blu/Org

Rest 3 minutes *Add 10lbs on Thruster. Decrease on KB Swings 2nd EMON

6 Min EMOM of:
9x KB Swings Russian Grn/Blu Purp/Yel Blu/Org
7x Box Jumps
5x Thrusters 105/73 95/63 85/55 75/45


Cool Down: Mobility static holds, foam roll, bike or row 5-10 mim

Find heaviest 50M front rack yoke carry
6rds of:
Front rack yoke carry x 50M (remove at least #20) Row 15 cal
Dumbbell split snatch x 3ea


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