Last weeks winners for the “Bro Rep” are for sure the “meat-heads”. When you don’t have mirrors or enough water, you bring your own, right bruh? These two played the part of gym rat the entire hour, selfies, water breaks, dumbbell curls, asking for aminos’s….. 🙂

The other shout out goes to Allie J from the 515p class last Friday. Going into the WOD she wasn’t sure she could even do scaled workout with the pull ups, by the time she was done she had almost finished the entire second set of pull ups!! Nice Work Allie, your determination and hard work is paying off! Travis, Nate and Allie you can pick up your prizes from a coach. 

This weeks theme is “GREEN” for St. Patrick’s Day!! Remember there will be PROGENEX, food, DJ, prizes. Get signed up early for your heat time. Depending on the WOD announcement, the times may change slightly. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..  

1 Minute press test

WOD: Cardiac Canyon
5 Rounds of:
500m Row  AFAP 
5 Minute rest
* Goal is to stay under 2 minutes. Stay with in 10 seconds of  all times
*5 timed scores of all out effort.


Find your 50M max Farmers walk with farmers handles
5rds (This will be taxing on your hands)
Farmers walk x50M ea handle #20 less than max
Weighed pull-ups x5
Ski 10Cal

Cool Down: Mobility static holds, foam roll, bike or row 5-10 mim

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