Dynamic Warm Up- Mobility Prepare for:

Death By Bike Calorie
With a continuously running clock perform:
1 Bike Calorie in the first 1 min
2 Bike Calories in the second 1 min
3 Bike Calories in the third 1 min …
Continuing this for as long as you are able.

If no bike, use a rower.
Goal;  Completing the round of 18 for men and 13 for women.
Remove ego, embrace scaling. Be smart. Be safe. Support each other. Have fun, and post your results.

Down Dog
Standing forward fold w/ interlaced fingers
Lizard variations
Wide arms, elbow to ground, twisted down dog and child’s pose then work opposite side
Sumo Eagle (sumo squat, with arms in eagle) if need to scale, do one without the other.




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