Dynamic Warm Up- Mobility Prepare for:

1-rds of:each Partner
4 Cal  Row 3x C2B / 3x Ring row 
4 Cal AAB 3x each arm Pwr snatch
4 Cal Ski-Erg 3x each arm side Thruster

A.WOD: Team Rodeo
2 Rounds of: 
2 Minutes to Complete
Row 20/17 Cal +. 2x Muscle Up, Ring or Bar / 
Scale 3x C2B or 3x Dips + 3x Ring row 
2 Minutes rest

2 Minutes to Complete
AAB 15/12 Cal + 6x each arm Pwr Snatch  50 DB-KB Grn /35 DB- KB Blu

2 Minutes rest

2 Minutes to Complete
Ski Erg 11/9 Cal + 6x each arm DB/KB Thruster 

2 Minutes rest

  *Scale MU to 3x C2Bar/5x Ring Rows, DB or KB as needed per athlete

LAX ball under foot
Plantar Foot Release with Lacrosse Ball

Forward Fold
Standing Forward Bend

Hip Distraction on rig
Banded Hip Distraction

LAX Ball Shoulder Impingement
Pain Ball Calling Shoulder, Over | Feat. Kelly Starrett | Ep. 212 | MobilityWOD




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