This weeks theme for Friday Night Throwdown is 60-70′ Bring you best RETRO …

STRIKING Class @6:15

Dynamic Warm Up – Mobility Prepare for..

Skill-Strength: Coach Stone over the Shoulder
Stone Over The Shoulder [With D Ball]

A: E2Mo2m

4 rds
200 m Ski Erg 5 Stone over Shoulder

4 rounds of:
20/17 Cals on Assault Bike + 50m farmer carry R/G G/P P/B

Lax ball under foot

Sumo your hips

Banded hip distraction


Find max slam ball toss over bar at least 10” over bar x4


30 minutes of:
Slam ball toss over same bar w/same ball x4
Row x250
KB Swing to eye level x10 106/72

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