The CrossFit opens starts tomorrow!!!

The Open is a special time of year for CrossFit affiliates and athletes around the world. Dan Crisp and members of CrossFit Glevum describe the atmosphere in their gym during this season.

Open Workout 19.1 will be released at 5 p.m. PT, Feb. 21, at

We will be showing the release of 19.1 live at the box. There is a $5.00 buy in bet to choose the winners of all 5 Opens. See Coach Lane to pay & get your score card.

The deadline to sign up for 19.1 is 5 p.m. PT, Feb. 25. Don’t miss out!

Fridays wod theme is DC vs Marvel support your favorite superhero … Prizes will be given out for best costumes.

Join us tonight at 6pm for the 19.1 Announcement streaming at LCF. 

Great quote from CrossFit HQ on changes to the CrossFit open and games. “ The open is the single largest participatory test of Fitness on the planet. It all begins at your local box. What’s special about the open is that it pushes all of us to dig deeper and too do better than we ever thought we could. It’s an empirical test against a standard applied to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. That’s an invaluable challenge for each of us as athletes and as human beings. For those who don’t see the inherit and unambiguous value in such an examination of self and community, no amount of convincing will suffice. If you’re not in the open, you’re simply missing out.”

Striking class @ 6:15pm

Dynamic Warm Up – Mobility Prepare for..

A: WOD “Tabata This & That”
8 rounds of 20 sec on 10 sec off of:
Bike for Cals
Push Ups
Ski for Cals
Air squats

*Stay at each station for a full set of Tabata then 1 min rest to transition to next event.

B: ROM WOD “3 by 3″

3 poses held for 3 min each and then repeat to let them really sink in 🙂


Saddle Pose Yoga Variations with José de Groot

Bound Angle against wall

Baddha Konasana || Bound Angle Pose || Cure Back Pain With Yoga

Hamstring Stretch


Find 2 rep max hang power cleans


For Time (30 Min CAP)
100 x Hang Power Cleans @ BW
EMOM – 3 x Burpees





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