Judges Course is available to anyone who wants to understand the standards for the CrossFit Open and become a registered online judge for this years CF Open. For $10 you can take the online course and be confident when you give out NO Reps!! You can access and pay for the course here  https://oc.crossfit.com/  When you done, print out your certificate and hang it up at the Box. 

Dynamic Warm Up – Mobility Prepare for..


On a 15 min running clock:
5 min of Row/Bike for Cals
4 min of Rope climbs for reps
3 min of Row/Bike for cals
2 min of GHD or ABMAT situps
1 min of Row/Bike


Child’s Pose W/Shoulders

How to Do a Child’s Pose (Balasana) | Yoga

Twisted Cross
Twisted Cross

Down Dog


Groin Stretch (hip Adductor stretch)

Extended Leg Supine Twist

4.10.01 Reclined Twist Variations


Find today’s 1RM Bench Press


5 Rounds For Time
30 x Cals Row/Ski
20 x GHD Sit Ups
10 x Bench Press @ BW



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