Striking  at 6:15

Dynamic Warm Up – Mobility Prepare for..

WOD:“Triple Teamed”
17 min AMRAP of:
P1 200m Run
P2 Heavy Sled Push
P3 Farmer carry up and down length of the green red/green

Runner is the Pacer. As soon as they complete the 200m run they tag out the sled push, sled push tags farmer carry and they move forward as a team. 1 round is completed by having all 3 athletes complete all 3 movements.


Lizard Lizard Pose (Utthan Pristhasana) 

Twisted Lizard   Yoga: How To Do Twisted Half Lizard (Low Lunge with Quad Stretch)  

Happy Baby Repeat other side.  Happy Baby Pose, Ananda Balasana   

Supine Lizard (1/2 Happy Baby) Hip Flexibility – Half Happy Baby Pose | Yoga Tune Up

Reclined Figure Four  Supine Figure Four — Yoga Pose Breakdowns with the Down Dog App

Repeat other side.


Ride aerobic heart rate for 30 Cal


200 x Russian KB swings @ 88 pounds
10 cal assault bike penalty for each drop


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