As of December 1st, we will no longer have Striking at 8a on Saturdays. 

We are still looking for a 10a playcare attendant. If you know of anyone who might be interested in a discounted membership, have them contact Sara at

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

 “3 To Get Ready”

A. 3rds
250m Row
9 Burpees over the erg
Rest 2 min

B. 3rds
18/15 Cals on AAB
50m Waiter Walk R/L Red/Green
Rest 2 min

C. 3rds
15/12 Cals on Ski Erg
9 GHD SitUps (scale to Abmat)
Rest 2 Min

FLOW ” Water”

Standing Shoulder stretch (fingers interlaced behind back)

Yoga – Wide Angle Standing Forward Bend Variation C

Seated Wrist Pull Shoulder Stretch (high-mid-low angle)

Thread The Needle

Puppy pose

Down Dog (to chest on ground)

Flat thread the needle


Repeat 3 times


Find heavy zercher yoke carry x25M



Yoke Carry x25M

True form x:30sec

Weighted dips x10(blue/yellow)

Team Cool down 70-100 V-Ups every 10. Do 1  30 sec Mobility static holds each, Coaches choice. 5-7 min

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