Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

A.WOD:  “Firestarter”

3 man teams

4 Rounds

P1 200m Run

P2 Max Double Unders

P3 Max Heavy Sled Push

The Runner is the pacer, p2 and p3 will work until runner returns and then rotate. The whole team will rest 1 min then go again. Score is total number of DU and sled pushes (once down green is 1 rep) from all 4 rounds.

FLOW ” Water”

Standing Shoulder stretch (fingers interlaced behind back)

Yoga – Wide Angle Standing Forward Bend Variation C

Seated Wrist Pull Shoulder Stretch (high-mid-low angle)

Thread The Needle

Puppy pose

Down Dog (to chest on ground)

Flat thread the needle


Repeat 3 times


Max bent press x 1ea



Bent press x3ea @7RPE

Bear crawl down and back x2

KB Strict pull-ups x10(yellow/orange)


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