Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

A.WOD: “Annie Pushes a Sled”
4 Rounds of  30 sec on 30 sec off in Teams of 3

P.1 Max Double Unders

P.2 Max Abmat SitUps

P.3 Max Heavy Sled Push

Rotate between each station, then REST 1 min as team before started the next round

Toe Pose for 1 min then:
Toes Pose

3 by 3
3 poses held for 3 min each and then repeat to let them really sink in 🙂
Saddle Pose Yoga Variations with José de Groot

Bound Angle against wall:
Baddha Konasana || Bound Angle Pose || Cure Back Pain With Yoga

Seated Forward fold w/ band:
Seated Forward Bend | Paschimottanasana


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