Freedom WOD on the 4th!! Strong work LCF 


Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

A.WOD: “Flush It Out”
3 Events of Tabata *8 rounds of 20 sec on 10 sec off.  90 seconds of rest and transition in between events

Bike for cals

Row for cals

Ski Erg for cals

Goal is to have the same amount of cals on your last round, of each event, as you did on the first… if not more


Child’s Pose w/ Shoulders

Extended arms Lizard right side (focus on breathing throughout all lizard poses)

Lizard right side

transitional Down Dog

Extended arms Lizard left side

Lizard left side

transitional Down Dog

Pigeon right side

Pigeon left side

Find heavy sandbag pick it up to full extension and put it down x5

6 rounds of:

Heavy sandbag pick up x5

Row 12Cal

Heavy KB swings x10(106/88)

Cool Down: Ride-Row 3-5 minutes flush, static stretch upper & lower body

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