All the LADIES, join us on Friday for a Letrono Ladies Night Out this Friday at 730p at the Gym. Bring an appetiser or dessert to share and your own beverage. We are wishing Kristi Price a farewell as she and Jesse are going to be moving to Oregon in the next few weeks. If you can’t make this one, our goal is to have a Letrono Ladies event quarterly. Sorry for the late notice on this one. 🙁


Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

A. 5 RDS of:
30 sec on 30 sec off Max Cals Assault Bike
-1 minute rest

B. 5 RDS of:
30 sec on 30 sec off Max Stone over shoulder
-1 minute rest-

C. 5 RDS of:
30 sec on 30 sec off Max Cals Row


Dragon Yin Yoga – Dragon pose

Twisted half Lizard

Yoga: How To Do Twisted Half Lizard (Low Lunge with Quad Stretch)

Child’s pose w/ Shoulders

How to Do a Child’s Pose (Balasana) | Yoga

Half Saddle

Half Saddle Pose Technique

Child’s Pose

Yoga: How To Do Child’s Pose


Find heaviest 25M farmers walk w/farmers bars(weight is the score)


6 sets (time is the score)

Farmers walk x25M (take 20lbs off ea)

Ski erg 10,15,20,20,15,10

Heavy single KB snatch x3ea

Cool Down: Ride-Row 3-5 minutes flush, static stretch upper & lower body


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