CONGRATS to Troy for finishing up the CF Open in 5th place in his division in the SouthWest Region and 143rd in the Worldwide Division. His next competition is with the Master’s Online Qualifier. The Masters Online Qualifier is very similar to the Open, except now the field has been narrowed and the events are not designed to be accessible to people with varied fitness levels. The programming is designed to test whether you have what it takes to be able to handle the loading and more technical movements at the CrossFit Games.

The Masters Online Qualifier events are posted on on Thursday at 5 p.m. PT, and you have until the following Monday at 5 p.m. PT to complete all of the events and submit your scores online. You can perform the events at a participating CrossFit affiliate in front of a registered judge, or you can film all of your workout performances and submit a link to the performance on YouTube with your score. Please note that multiple events are released on Thursday (historically four), not just one. You can complete the events in any order, and if desired you can repeat an event to try to get a better score. Those who have a shot at qualifying for the CrossFit Games should film all of their performances since Games qualifiers will be subject to video review. 

The top 20 overall at the end of the Masters Online Qualifier are invited to the CrossFit Games. GOOD LUCK TROY!

6:15 Striking  WOD

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..  

A. WOD: “Death By Row”
Gold Level start with 10 cals
Silver Level start with 5 cals
Bronze Level start with 1 cal

EMOM add one calorie until you can no longer attain the number of reps within the min. 15 time cap


Low Dragon (for calf’s)

CrossFit Solus mobility The Low DragonWrist Stretch

Yoga Wrist Strengtheners with Kino

Toe Pose

Toes Pose

Pigeon pose

How to Do the Pigeon Yoga Pose

Find 5 rep max sumo deadlift


6 rds

Stone over yoke X3 w/ yoke at chest height @135/115
Shuttle run 50m (down and back on green)
Sumo deadlift X5 @ 85% of 5rep max

Cool Down: Ride-Row 3-5 minutes flush, static stretch upper & lower body



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