The live announcement of 18.5 will be streamed right here  at  LCF  on, and you can also watch on the CrossFit Games Facebook page (details below). Tune in at 4:45 p.m. PT to catch the pre-show, and be ready for the live announcement at 5 p.m. PT, when Castro will announce the results of the community vote.
The fifth and final workout of the 2018 Open will be announced live from CrossFit Reykjavík in Reykjavík, Iceland, and it will be the battle of the Dottirs. With two Fittest on Earth titles under their belts, Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir will compete against each other and 2017 Games fourth-place finisher Sara Sigmundsdottir. One of the three will set the score to beat for the week’s challenge. Read more about what to expect here.

Annie Thorisdottir, Sara Sigmundsdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir

6:15 Striking  WOD

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..  

21-15-9 Partner WOD of:
Cals on Assault Bike
Max Stone over Shoulder
(P1 will bike to 21 cals, while P2 gets as many reps as possible with the stone, then Switch. P2 will now bike 21 cals, while P1 tosses the stone… so on  15-19 )
Score will be total reps as a team and time finished


Lizard R/L
How to do Lizard Pose

Downdog Bound Angle
How to Do the Bound Angle Pose

Seated straddle

Sumo Eagle-(Sumo squat with eagle arms)
Yoga for Men – Eagle Pose

Find heaviest 50M sand bag bear hug carry


25min of”:
Sandbag carry x 50M (AHAP)
Bike 15 cal
Double KB clean and jerk x 10 green/blue

Cool Down: Ride-Row 3-5 minutes flush, static stretch upper & lower body


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