Happy New Year and welcome to the first full week for many of you. We hope you all get back on track with your fitness and nutrition goals. Look for more details coming out on our upcoming nutrition challenge!!

Dynamic Warm Up- Mobility Prepare for:

A. Strength: E2MOM – 6 x 2
2 Power cleans + 1 Front squat @ 70-80% of 1 rep max from Football Total

3 total Rounds for time of:
    2 Rounds of
5 T2Bar
10 DB Push press 40/30
16 Lunges
After 2 rounds…RUN
400m Run ( 500/450 Row- 25/20 Echo Bike)

C. Accessory Work
5 x8 Dumbbell Bench press  AHAFA
5 x 4 Strict windshield wipers/ Progression

Cool down:
Mobility static holds, foam roll body, walk, row, bike 4-8 min at pace you can hold a conversation

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