Today we honor of Zachary Tellier and “ALL” Veterans Past & Present.

Sgt. Zachary D. Tellier, 31, of Charlotte was a combat infantryman with the 4th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, at Fort Bragg. He died Sept. 29, 2007 of wounds sustained while on a ground patrol in Afghanistan.

The previous April, Tellier’s unit was conducting a mounted patrol when one of its vehicles drove over and detonated a bomb, which set the vehicle on fire, according to a statement from the 82nd Airborne.

Tellier pulled two paratroopers out of the vehicle to safety, suffering severe burns to his hands. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with valor for his actions.

Tellier is survived by his wife, Sara Tellier of Atlanta, Ga.; his father, David W. Tellier of Groton, Mass.; and his mother, Pamela Rodriguez, of Falmouth, Mas

Dynamic Warm Up- Mobility Prepare for:

For time:  Teams of 2  split the work 
800m Run Buy in  ( Team choice Run,Row 1k or AAB 2.5mil)
10 burpees
10 burpees, 25 push-ups,
10 burpees, 25 push-ups, 50 lunges
10 burpees, 25 push-ups, 50 lunges, 100 sit-ups
10 burpees, 25 push-ups, 50 lunges, 100 sit-ups , 150 air squats
1K Row cash out.  ( Team choice Run,Row or AAB)

Accessory Work:
3×10 Glute Ham Raise
3x 12 Single leg DL 

Cool down:
Mobility static holds, foam roll body, walk,row, bike 4-8 min at pace you can hold a conversation


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