March 30th – Sleep In Heavenly Peace Bed Build #2. We need volunteers!!! 11am, no tools needed, just show up and help put together beds. 

Dynamic Warm Up – Mobility Prepare for..

A: Strength 20 Min EMOM

Even –  2 High Hang Squat Cleans (Build to about 80% as fast as possible and them maintain for the duration of the EMOM)

Odd – 1 Rope Climb or peg board or alternate

4 Rounds:
3 Minutes Row for distance
3 Minutes Bike for distance

Rest 2:00

*Alternating starting movements

Cool Down 5 min
3-5 minute Smooth Bike/Row. Foam roll legs,hips,back shoulder blades to Lats.  Pick a core exercise, sit-ups, V-ups, flutter kicks, hollow rocks etc. 20-30 reps break, stretch, repeat until accumulated 100 reps.

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