How Do We Sleep for More Muscle?

A general rule of thumb is getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night to recover from training and support your effort in the weight room.

It’s important to note, however, that not everyone is going to be able to follow that advice 100% of the time.

Sometimes you are simply in a period of life (new baby, starting a new business, etc.) that doesn’t lend itself to a lot of sleep. While training is still encouraged under these circumstances, going balls to the wall with exercise is going to end up wasting time, effort, or causing injury.

Want a more restful night of sleep? Try implementing a couple of these tips to take advantage of all the benefits a great night of rest can provide.

1. Go to Bed Earlier

Common sense? Absolutely.

It’s also the easiest tip to implement and will yield the best results. I bet if there were some snazzy Instagram videos of shredded guys and girls going to bed at 9:30 on a Friday night, it would be a more popular thing to do.

2. Put Down the Screens an Hour or Two Before Bed Time (but after you finish this article).

This includes TVs, phones, laptops, iPads, and video games. The blue light from these popular devices is used to keep us alert and engaged. Helpful when writing a thesis, not so much when scrolling social media directly prior to bed. Blue light at night will completely disrupt the human body’s natural circadian rhythm hampering our ability to get a good night’s sleep. Put devices down a few hours before bed (out of arms reach), dim the lights, and read an actual paper book or magazine. Yeah, those still exist.

3. Stay Away From Caffeine in the Afternoon

Caffeine is glorious.

Its awakening effect has helped mankind move mountains, part seas, and beat deadlines. If it’s ingested too late however, it may affect sleep. Caffeine can stay in our system for up to 6 hours(4) so nix the 3pm cup of coffee used to finish strong at work.

Be careful of sneaky caffeinated items such as chocolate, soda (diet or regular), and even decaf coffee.

4. Avoid Alcohol

While this tip won’t win me a popularity contest, it simply must be stated. That glass or four of wine in the evening may help you cope with the shitty day you had and help you fall asleep faster (read: pass out), but it isn’t doing anything for your quality of sleep .(5)

With alcohol on board, it’s a good bet that the later stages of sleep most crucial for recovery from tough training will be disrupted. As usual, alcohol and progress in the gym simply don’t mix, use sparingly.

5. Your Bed is For Humans

Maybe it’s cold-hearted but the cats and dogs need to get kicked out of your bed.

How many times have you been woken up by your pet?

Think about it this way, every single time they move or nudge you, waking you up, you’re starting at square one of the sleep cycle. How are you going to reach the restorative stages of sleep if every 20 minutes Fido shoves his ass in your face?

If that doesn’t get you to train your pet to sleep in their own designated bed, ask yourself this question: would you let your spouse walk around outside all day on their bare feet and then climb into your clean bed with no bath or shower?


Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

Test-1 minute Bar Hanging L-Sit ( 1 minute attempt. RX Goal is to hold 1 minute legs straight toes pointed or build up too through position progression)

2 rounds of:
5x Slam balls
5x Wall balls shots 
1x 5 Bunny hop into 15m run

For time of: (17 Min cap)
800m Run or 1k Row, 1.5 mile AAB   (* Run or sled drag is the goal unless working through injury)
20 Slam balls 40/30

20 Wall ball shots 20/14
600m Run or 750m Row, 1.0 mile AAB
20 Slam balls 40/30
20 Wall ball shots 20/14
400m run or 500m Row, .7 mile AAB
20 Slam balls 40/30
20 Wall ball shots 20/14
* Goal Stimulus is “Unbroken on all sets of Wall ball & slam ball ”

RX+ 30/20 50/35

Team Cool down 70-100 V-Ups every 10. Do 1  30 sec Mobility static holds each, Coaches choice. 5-7 min

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