Friday Night Lights with Progenex was a success! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the DJ, MC, food, Progenex, etc…We have the BEST COMMUNITY!!!

18.4 was challenging to say the least. Big shout out to Maria C who came in at 530a, went RX and missed the cut off by 1 rep. She wasn’t done after that, she came back that night and did it scaled and completed it! Did I mention that Maria is a Sophomore at LHS?? Way to go MARIA!! A few others who went for the RX and exceeded their expectations: Chris C, Robert C, Bryant M, Bonnie M. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..  

A. Strength – Skill: 8 EMOM

Odd: 7x Floor seated BB Press * Suggested start lbs 55/43 45/33 20/15..PVC
Even: 10x V-UPs
Athlete may start heavier. Climb with 5lbs medal plates or 10lbs bumper plates per minute.

B. WOD: Jumper”
18 Minute Team AMRAP of:
P1 Cal Row ( Big class Assault bike fro Cals )
P2 25 ft Burpee Broad Jump + 3x L-Sit Chin up @ Rig + 25ft Reverse Bear crawl back to rowers.

Scale for  L-sit chin up is 12x Knees to 90
Score is total amount of Cals rowed & rounds completed by each athlete.
*Athletes cannot start 25 ft Burpee broad jump until row begins

Cool Down: Mobility static holds, foam roll, bike or row 5-10 mim

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