Dynamic Warm Up- Mobility Prepare for:

A:Strength: E3MOM x 15 Minutes (Teams of 2
5×3 Tempo OHS  50-50-55-55-60% RM or mechanically manageable weight.(Skill find position)
Tempo- 3112
Eccentric (descent): 3 secs
Pause (bottom): 1 secs
Concentric (ascend): 1
Pause (top): 2 secs

5x 10 seconds L-Sit

2 rds of
3 x Hang pwr snatch ( coach skills and drills)
4 x Box jump

3 Rounds for time of :
7 Hang Pwr Snatches 115/85 95/65 75/45
21 Box jumps 24/20
600m Run.  750m Row or 0.9mile AABike 

Accessory Work
3 rds of Dumbell front rack lunge 25m “Pick load”
3×3 Strict weighted Pull ups

Cool down:
Bike,walk or row 3-7 min
Mobility static holds
Leg Wall Stretch Hold 1-2 mins per side
Foam roll, 


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