Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

Test: 1:00 Max Hand release Push ups        

A: Strength. “Misfit Clean Complex” Compare to 180903
16 Minute E2MOM
Find today’s 1RM “Misfit Clean Complex”
Unbroken: Power Clean – Push Jerk – has Front Squat – Hang Squat Clean – Split Jerk

B:WOD: “Erin”
Five rounds for time of:
15 DB Split Clean 40/25 35/20
21 Pull-ups – Progression

15 Total Split Cleans
DB Split Clean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Xai_rYsQI


Today we Honor “Erin”
Canadian Army Master Corporal Erin Doyle, 32, was killed in a firefight August 11th, 2008 in the Panjwaii District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Nicole and his daughter Zarine.

Team Cool down 70-100 Hollow Rocks every 10 reps. Do 1  30 sec Mobility static holds each, Coaches choice. 5-7 min

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