“Prepare For Glory”
July Hero month starts Monday 2 July 2018. Complete 19 WOD’s and EARN your coveted T-Shirt.
This is our 3rd year LCF has done this awesome month.All WODS are programmed to sustain fitness growth and not crush you.. Enjoy the journey ahead..

Above are not the actual wods in any order. Just puts things into perspective when you see a face.

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility Prepare  for..

Test: 1 minute Ring or Horns hold ( 1 minute attempt. Goal is to hold 1 minute or build up too through position progression)

2x pull ups
3x push up
5x squat
1x reps of:135/105 scale as needed
Hang pwr clean
Push Press
Back squat
1x 2 rope pulls foot lock / Progression
10x Double Unders / Singles

A.WOD :”Twisted Cindy” 25 min AMRAP of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats
On the rounds of 3-6-9-12 repeat on 15-18-21….
3rd rd BB Complex 3x reps of: 135/105
Hang pwr clean
Push Press
Back squat
6th rd 6x HSPU
9th rd 1x Rope climb
12th rd 50x Double Unders

Team Cool down + 70-100 Rocky situps ( double twist at top), every 20 stop. Do 1  Mobility hold for 30- 20 sec each body part till finished with Yo Adrian situps 5-7 minutes

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