“Prepare For Glory” 13 days to go.
Get signed up for the OPEN.  Weekly and Grand prizes

Feb 22-26
18.1 Week 1 -RETRO- Theme 50-60-70-80-90-2000’s

March 1-5
18.2 Week 2 -SUPER HERO-

March 8-12 – BRO REP-Any sports figure, team, organization that athlete wants to Rep
18.3 Week 3

March 15-19 – ST PADDYS- Progenexs is sponsoring. MC from the games, Food & fun 
18.4 Week 4

March 22-26- PATRIOTIC– Community BBQ LCF will provide Meat Pot luck from athletes
18.5 Week 5

–  Thursday Night Open WOD release viewing in Yoga room. Heat time assignments on the whiteboard.  

–  Every Friday the Open WOD will be programmed as the daily WOD. Friday night THROWDOWN Comp setting from 5:15-7:15 pm. 

Saturday Schedule:
6a – Oly
7a – WOD
8a – Striking
9a – WOD

Sunday Schedule:
9a – WOD

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..

A.  Strength: 10 min EMOM
Power Clean + 1 Front squat build to a heavy single 70-80% with technique ( NOT To a max effort!. Partner up and climb by 5-10lbs per lift, pre stage weights)

B. WOD: 17.1  20 minute time cap
10 DB Snatch
15 Burpee box over  (17.1 “Did not” have the new burpee rule, so a burpee crawl or step is cool)

20 DB Snatch
15 Burpee box over   ( Scale as needed)
30 DB Snatch
15 Burpee box over
40 DB Snatch
15 Burpee box over
50 DB Snatch
15 Burpee box over

Unfinished reps added to 20:00

Rx: 35lb, 20 in
Scale: 20lb, 20 in, step ups ok

Rx: 50lb, 24 in
Scale: 35, 20 in, step ups ok

Cool Down: 3-6 minutes Bike, Row  Stretch  out posterior chain, shoulders.

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