My name is TJ Carter. I used to think I was in shape, mobile, and in overall good health… that’s what the doctor said at least. I was complacent with my physical goals as I felt that I could do anything I wanted to. I had in my mind that I was in better condition than “that guy” (“that guy” resembling 90% of Americans today) so what was the point in doing anything better? I found myself addicted to Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper, most days only having a 44oz er’ for breakfast. Like stated above, I was complacent and didn’t care. Little did I realize the impact my attitude and lack of drive to be physically better had on me as a person. I found myself falling directly into the pattern of “that guy…”.

It must have been the love handles and soft, un-toned body structure talking, but one day, I realized that in life, there is little that you can actually control. Although illness is rampant in even healthy individuals, the odds are drastically in your favor if you come down with something and are healthy compared to being sick and unhealthy. So why not be healthy? Why not have a hate for laziness and physical complacency? I realized that I had nothing to lose by working out so… I started. After all, Gold’s down the street was only $20 bucks a month…

 2 months later and I’d had just about enough of watching people do 3 reps, then flex in the mirror. I felt that that gym wasn’t for me so I joined another, Performax. Same thing… my people watching skills got the best of me and I couldn’t help but feel that that type of a workout, personality, or ego wasn’t for me. I saw little to no results, even though I was “pump’in iron”.  

 I kept looking for my fix and one day, while eating a delicious, heart clogging pizza, I thought- what are those guys doing across the street? The next Saturday, I stepped in the door at Letrono. Never had I felt the pain, deathlike throbbing, dizziness, or mental slaughter that I felt that day. I felt like I had fallen on my face. I found my challenge, and I became addicted. As Eric would say- I drank the cool-aid- actually, I poured the whole pitcher on myself. Nothing had pushed me that hard, ever.

 I saw results faster than I could even imagine. I learned and continue to learn about nutrition, proper workout methods, technique, mental strength, and teamwork in an awesome, life-changing environment. I never thought a workout would make me a better person, but the strength you gain is not only physical, but mental. My attitude, ambition, energy, and outlook on life have all been altered for the good because of Letrono CrossFit.