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“You are getting stronger but you’re obviously still eating like a raccoon in a dumpster.” Those were the poetic words of a friend and coach as I finished a WOD in mid-December 2014. What follows will not be your typical Progenex blog post. I am not what you picture in your mind when you think of a typical CrossFtter. I will turn forty this year, I don’t have six-pack abs and I won’t be going to the Games. What I am is a guy who is committed to CrossFit, losing weight, eating right and getting out of the “dumpster” so to speak. I have embarked on a twelve week journey that I would like to share with you in hopes that it can help anyone similarly situated. This is me on day one of this journey – to preserve your innocence I have censored my picture so it’sSFW – you are welcome


My measurements in this picture are 295 lbs, neck 17 1⁄4”, bicep 15 1⁄2”, chest 51 1⁄2”, waist 53 1⁄2”, hips 51”, thigh 31 1⁄4” and calf 17 1⁄4”. Well that is depressing but it left me with plenty of room for improvement. Before I get too far let me give you a brief story of how I reached this point. I was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Colorado. I grew up working hard and eating big. I was raised to be strong and tough. In my younger days I was an athlete who was successful in football, rugby, basketball, baseball and wrestling. I thrived on competition, training hard and the atmosphere sports provided. But at some point after college I settled into my profession and started my family but stopped investing time in my own health and physical fitness. Instead, I went “dumpster diving” so to speak.

Over a period of many years my weight jumped to 300+. I was depressed, felt terrible, got winded tying my shoes and my health suffered. During those years I tried many times to change the way I ate and tried to exercise, but nothing I did ever lasted past a month or two. I hated going to the big globo gyms and no matter what I did there was no change in my health or physical fitness. That started to change on September 1, 2013 when I stepped into Letrono CrossFit.

When I walked in that first day I didn’t know anyone and I knew nothing about CrossFit other than I needed help. I felt like quitting numerous times over the course of the first few weeks that followed…I was embarrassed by how slow I was and by how out of shape I had become. I looked for any excuse to quit. I just waited for a coach or another athlete to say something about how out of shape I was so that I would have the justification I wanted to quit, but I never got that chance. From day one I was treated as a member of a family with nothing but encouragement and positivity.

That is one of the best things about CrossFit. If I couldn’t do something RX, I was shown a scaled version which would help me work up to RX. CrossFit filled the athletic void I had lost and searched for at the globo gyms. CrossFit pushed me again.

I truly enjoyed the athletes and coaches I trained with at the box. Over the course of a year and a half I went to the box nearly every day. I got stronger and I lost some weight but I still wasn’t seeing much change in my bodyweight and endurance during WOD’s. That takes us back to the beginning of this post. In mid-December 2014, a friend and coach came up to me after a WOD and said “You are getting stronger but you’re obviously still eating like a raccoon in a dumpster, but I want to help you fix it.” This trainer reached out to Progenex and together they developed a nutritional program to help me lose weight, build lean muscle and get myself back on track. So on January 5, 2015, I started on a journey to lose 50 lbs in twelve weeks with a long term goal of losing 75 lbs. When I met to develop a plan, I had to commit 100% to the program – journaling each day, weighing in and taking measurements weekly, and taking a weekly picture so that I could see myself change (I am still not thrilled about that one). This was the plan laid out for me to follow:

5:00 am – Pre-work out drink (2) scoops of More Muscle with 12 oz water and (1) Force with 12 oz water

530-7:00am – WOD (every day with one rest day in the week)

7:00am – Post-work out drink (2) scoops of Recovery with 12 oz water

11:00am – Drink (2) scoops of More Muscle with 12 oz of water

2:00pm – Drink (1) serving of Flow with 12 oz of water with lots of ice

6:30pm – Eat a reasonable dinner of vegetables with pork, chicken, beef or eggs. No soda, no sugar, no grains and lots of water

9:30pm – Drink (2) scoops of Cocoon with 12 oz of hot water and take (2) Omega pills

As I reviewed the plan the item that scared me the most was drinking some crazy salmon protein Progenex called Flow. In my mind I pictured drinking a glass of water with chunks of salmon floating in it. However, fully committed but extremely worried about drinking a fishy glass of protein, I started the journey. I remember getting ready to drink that first serving of Flow, I had to force myself to take that first sip but wow I was in for a surprise because the stuff is amazing. No chunks of salmon. No fishy taste. Just the taste of a tropical punch as advertised. Now I look forward to mixing

my Flow in a shaker with a bunch of ice every day! I will be honest it hasn’t been easy at times to stick to the program. That first week was tough but it got better. That first week I couldn’t even go to the grocery store because I was afraid I might end up on the floor of the bakery covered in frosting but the cravings went away and I have seen positive changes in the first four weeks. This is my SFW picture at the end of week four.


My measurements at the end of week four are: 277 lbs., 17” neck, 15” bicep, 48” chest, 45 1⁄2”” waist, 50” hip, 29 1⁄2” thigh and 17” calf. The Progenex products are outstanding! They taste great and they provide the nutrition and energy I need. In four weeks I have lost 18 lbs and 16 1⁄4”. I am building lean muscle and losing fat. I have increased in my strength and endurance. I have proof – in November 2014, my 1 rep max deadlift was 465 lbs. in January 2015 my 1 rep max deadlift was 495 lbs. In November 2014 my Karen time was 8:47 and in January 2015 it was 7:45.

I have a LONG way to go but I am working hard, I am 100% committed, I am 100% consistent and I follow the plan without deviation. I have coaches and friends at Progenex and Letrono Crossfit that inspire me, push me, motivate me and believe in me. I know that with time I will reach my goals! If you’re thinking about making changes like me or thinking of giving up on those New Year resolutions, stick with it! It’s not easy to change but be 100% committed and 100% consistent. Let’s make progress together. I will see you at the end of weeks 8 and 12 with updates on my progress!

-Cody Wilson

Cody day 84

Cody day 84