Sara Huntsman

Sara was born and raised in Utah and was first introduced to CrossFit by her husband, Eric. Although CrossFit instantly intrigued her, Sara was reluctant to try it because she thought it looked too difficult, that she didn’t have the strength or coordination required. Two years later, Sara is not only an accomplished CrossFit athlete, but she has participated in multiple CrossFit competitions where she has excelled in her field. Sara also is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified coach and co-owner of Letrono CrossFit with her husband, Eric.

CrossFit has become one of Sara’s many passions and loves in life; but her unique and primary concentration is her dedication to the fitness of children. Bringing long-lasting healthy habits to kids is her main focus and goal, as she coaches all of Letrono CrossFit’s kids classes. Sara’s ability to connect to kids, motivate them and inspire them to use exercise as a means of attaining self-esteem and self-discipline is what keeps her always focused and eager to go above and beyond to help kids of all ages.

Sara and Eric are the proud parents of three beautiful children, ages 8, 6 and 3. Together as a family, Sara and her family stay active by CrossFitting, swimming, skiing and anything outdoors.