Jen Coover


grew up in Utah and kept busy in the summers hiking and backpacking with her family.  After getting married and quickly starting a family, exercise took a back seat to raising two small children.  Because of this, Jen had a hard time getting rid of ALL her pregnancy weight.  She tried to get back in shape from fitness gimmicks and machines from late night TV, commercial fad diets, and fitness trainers from a main stream gym.  Not only were they all a waste of time, and money, but she got burned out and quickly realized that none of these were as effective as working side by side with other like minded athletes. There had to be something else out there and she was determined to find it.  She started with Crossfit Bootcamp with Coach E, became born again as an athlete, and has been a religious participant of Crossfit since 2009.

Jen is a mother of two boys and loves the energy crossfit gives her to keep up with them.  As a family, they enjoy hiking, biking, running, backpacking and many other activities.

Jen still enjoys running and has participated in countless overnight relay distance races, obstacle course mud runs such as the Dirty Dash and the Spartan Race, has participated in running events from 5k, to 10k, 10 milers, half marathons, a marathon in 2007, and has participated multiple times in fitness competitions such as Fitness Elevated and Crossfit Sectionals.

Jen is Level 1 Crossfit Certified.