Jamie Stromberg

Jamie grew up with two younger brothers that she was constantly trying to keep up with.  In the process she found enjoyment in being physical, active, and competitive.  It has always been a goal of Jamie’s to stay active and remain healthy.  Because of this goal she has tried many different avenues for exercise.   She has ran, swam, biked, attended various group fitness classes including Yoga, Spin classes, boot camps and Zumba, and has used way too many exercise and weight machines in a futile attempt to become a strong, fierce athlete.

Jamie has been addicted to CrossFit ever since her first CrossFit workout was completed on Letrono’s grand opening day in April of 2011.  A friend of hers had been challenging her to give CrossFit a try.   He would describe these insanely intense 20 minute or less workouts that would leave him in a “shaking, sweaty, heap on the floor begging for mercy and crying for his mama” and she thought if “he can do that, so can I.”  The rest is history.  She was instantly hooked and eager to accomplish and work towards goals that she didn’t think were possible.  In the process she has become that strong fierce athlete that she always wanted to be!  She loves that with CrossFit there is always another goal to attain, skill to master, and mountain to climb (literally) and that CrossFit helps her to be mentally tough as well as physically strong.  Through the Letrono CrossFit community she has found some amazing friends and has had some defining moments and for that she will be forever grateful.

Jamie has participated in 5Ks, half marathons, overnight relay races, mud runs like the Spartan Beast, & in several CrossFit competitions.

Jamie is married to an amazing and supportive husband, Kyle, and they have 5 incredible children that they try to keep up with.   She is excited to share her love of CrossFit with others and to help them on their health and fitness journey.