Heath Greer

Heath has been interested and participated in fitness for as long as he can remember.  Although Heath first was introduced to CrossFit in 2006, it wasn’t until his deployement in 2008 that he instantly developed a passion and love for it.

Upon returning from his deployment with the United States Air Force, Heath looked into becoming a certified CrossFit coach, and soon thereafter he went to Golden, Colorado for his Level 1 CrossFit Certification.  Once Heath was certified, all he wanted to do was teach it to anyone who was willing to listen and learn. From there came the incredible opportunity to become a coach at Letrono CrossFit, for which he feels truly humbled and grateful.

Prior to CrossFit, Heath competed in power lifting, mixed-martial arts, Muy Thai, and ________ wrestling.  In addition, Heath has studied Ju Jitzu, wrestling, Krav Maga and Judo.  Heath is one of the most well-rounded coaches at Letrono and has become quite the accomplished CrossFit athlete.

Heath holds the following CrossFit Certifications:  Art of Strength, Kettle Bell, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Mobility, and CrossFit Olympic Lifting.  Because of his passion for always furthering his education with regards to fitness, and specifically CrossFit, Heath is a highly-sought after coach, and one that the athletes and other coaches learn from day after day.