Eric Huntsman

Eric is born and raised in Utah, playing sports of all kind and always living in and loving the outdoors. Eric has seen the world through the eyes of the military, serving for the last 25 years as a member of the 19th Special Forces in the United States Army. For the past 7 years, Eric has had the opportunity of training military men and women that desire to elevate their combat fitness to a superior and elite level, where he has used CrossFit as the main methodology of accomplishing this goal.

Eric was first introduced to CrossFit during his second deployment to Afghanistan in 2005. Due to the conditions of deployment, Eric used the main site ( as his primary access to CrossFit; subsequently, his love and passion for CrossFit began. Once he returned from deployment, Eric focused all of his energy towards CrossFit and has never looked back. Eric’s passion and commitment to CrossFit and fitness in general is evident, as he holds multiple certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Rowing, USAW Olympic Lifting (Instructor – Paul Fleschler) and Gym Jones certifications.

Eric is the co-owner of Letrono CrossFit, the father of five beautiful children, and the husband of Sara, also a CrossFit coach and Letrono co-owner. Eric has always pursued his passion of physical fitness and the adrenaline rush that comes when the body and mind are pushed to levels that may not have been thought possible at first. Eric has adopted this way of life for the last seven years, and has seen tremendous physical gains, strength increase and overall fitness improvements. Eric is a accomplished and successful athlete himself; and now, at 46 years old, not only is he able to do the things he did in his 20’s, but to be even better, faster and with greater intensity. With the fitness he has worked hard to attain, Eric is able to live a life without limits; a life that is centered around family, working hard, playing hard and especially helping others achieve the goals in their own lives. Eric will never stop aiming to bring out the athlete in every individual, helping and inspiring people to “prepare for glory”, and always striving to deliver excellence in all aspects of life, and especially to the people at Letrono.