Angi Slade

Angi found a love for CrossFit after being handed a “throwdown” from a friend that said, “I know you run marathons, and throw weights around Ang, but I challenge you to try CrossFit for a month!”  What she found in that first month was both humbling and motivating at the same time.

Many don’t know that Angi used to be 90lbs over weight, not knowing how to change, or where to start, so much like Forrest…she ran. More like trot in the beginning, Angi ran until she realized she was running away from something,  instead of toward something.  After 9 years of progression toward her fitness goal and looking for the perfect fit, she was converted to CrossFit!!  During her first year of CrossFit, Angi competed in many CrossFit compeitions and loved the challenge that each gave her to complete.

With a love for people, a passion for purpose, and ability to smile through a WoD, Angi wants all her athletes to feel empowered through their choice to choose their results! Her favorite saying is: “The ability to have your mind tell your body what is going to do is life changing.  Take control of your future and decide NOW the results you want to have!”

Angi is married to Joe, her husband of 17 years. Her three kids, Mickenna (15), Tyler (12), and Ian (9) are the pride and joy of her life.

Angi is a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.