Troy Christopulos

Troy has been self-employed for approximately fifteen years as the owner of Premier Landscapes, a design/build, high-end landscaping business. Born and raised in Utah, Troy loves anything to do with the outdoors, fitness, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for him and his family.

Troy discovered CrossFit six years ago, and ever since his first introduction, he has been completely captivated by its methodology and beliefs. Prior to CrossFit, Troy had ventured into various training and nutrition programs; none of which provided him with the results he was seeking to obtain, or the current love and predominate passion he has acquired for fitness and a well-balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Troy has received his CrossFit Level 1 Certification, CrossFit Level 2 Certification, CrossFit Football, Endurance, Olympic Lifting & Power Lifting Certification.  Troy is forty four years old, he loves to train for every-day life; to be physically able to handle any physical task that comes his way, whether it be expected or unexpected.

Troy is married to an incredibly supportive wife, Jennifer (also a CrossFitter), and has five amazing children. Troy is also a co-owner of Letrono CrossFit and anticipates each and every day to coach, interact, and make life-long friends with the athletes at Letrono.