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To get started at Letrono Crossfit all new members must complete 4 Foundations classes. The Foundations classes are designed to be an introductory Crossfit 101 course for all new members which will go over in detail the fundamentals of Crossfit. The only exception to not have to complete this course is if someone has previous Crossfit experience. If you have done Crossfit before, our coaches will assess and then make a recommendation on whether or not you need to attend the Foundation classes. You must pre-register for your Foundations classes, call 801-620-0595.

The Foundation’s class is an education program designed to increase your knowledge and technique of the foundational movements of Crossfit. This will help your progression into the Crossfit classes. Regardless of your exercise experience, every athlete is required to attend the Foundation classes before participating in the regular daily classes. By becoming proficient with these movements, not only will it allow you to integrate with our Letrono Crossfit family faster, bit it will also ensure that you have a sound understanding of the movements so that your fitness progression will be faster and safer. Once you understand the movements and do them well, we can then add weight, speed and intensity.

The Foundation classes consists of 4 sessions which will cover all of the fundamental movements and exercises we use in Crossfit, as well as teach about proper nutrition and recovery. Our main goal with the Foundation classes is to help each athlete get comfortable in our gym and start them on their new journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle. These classes allow us to work with each new member on a more personal basis to teach the correct technique and form for the various movements you will perform each day. You will become familiar with how the class workouts are run, the set up of our gym and what we expect as your trainers. Here at Letrono Crossfit our coaches take pride in coaching and teaching our athletes the movements and continually helping them progress and improve at Crossfit.

The Foundations classes are every  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30am or 7:15pm.  You MUST call and get registered for the classes by calling 801-620-0595. New members can attend any one of these class times, all four must be completed before attending the regular classes. If you are unable to attend one of these days and times, let us know and we can try to accommodate your schedule.

**For all 4 Foundation classes there will be a $80 fee in addition to your membership dues.


There are two forms that must be filled out prior to your first day at Letrono Crossfit, they are the Waiver and Membership form. These forms are found on the links below. You can fill them out electronically and email them back by clicking the submit button on the forms, or you can print them and bring them in. You will need to edit these forms with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t already have it there is a link to download it above the form links. It is a free download.

Electronic Fund Transfer is required for all new memberships. We can either withdraw from a credit card or a bank account.

Free Class before Signing Up:
If you are still unsure if Crossfit is for you, you can attend one Saturday class free of charge at 7:00am or 9:00am. Prior to showing up make sure you have already completed our online waiver.

Letrono CrossFit Waiver and Memberservice Agreement